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According to several email newsletter marketing studies, over half of respondents don't plan to add mobile marketing to their marketing strategies soon. However, one-third of them say they're keeping their eye on mobile marketing.

Obviously, mobile marketing has potential, but it's too early for most organizations. They want to watch others go first and see how it works out rather than lead the pack.

We saw a photo on the Internet recently from a fried chicken chain's bulletin board. The photo says if customers text the chain, they receive free food and great deals.

Rather than marketing through mobile devices, companies are attempting to push customers into sharing their text addresses so they can become a part of their "text mailing list."

Article after article related to online and Web 2.0 marketing states that mobile marketing and phone interactions are the future. An ABI Research study estimates that by the end of 2007 mobile marketing and advertising will be worth about $3 billion, and up to $19 billion by 2011. But few studies say how effective mobile marketing is and what works.

Should an organization get into mobile marketing? Well, the evidence shows mobile marketing leans toward the business-to-consumer segment. Many brands offer free music downloads and ring tones to reach the 18-34-year-old demographic. Even Yahoo has announced plans to expand its search product to include mobile publishing so its publishers can reach a broader audience through Yahoo's mobile network.

Read on to find out whether or not other readers think the time is right for mobile marketing.

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