The MarketingProfs Book Club is back with a book that does a lot of good for just causes… by outright stealing know-how from big brands (Robin Hood, anyone?). For those new to the MarketingProfs Book Club, welcome aboard (sign up here). As for those returning for another round, welcome back.

What's the book? Robin Hood Marketing by Katya Andresen. What's more? You might win one of 50 free copies. You want more still? Everyone gets a bonus just for reading this article.

In past book club segments we've covered social media, branding, and communications. Now we're turning to the world of nonprofit and cause-related marketing.

Which leads to the BIG question: How do you motivate people to give money, take action, or otherwise advance your worthy cause... amid so many competing causes?

The answer is marketing: savvy, sophisticated strategies just like the big guns use—even if you're operating on a shoestring budget.

Robin Hood Marketing shows you how to sell your mission as successfully as the great marketing minds of corporate America sell their products. Quite cleverly, Andresen created "The Robin Hood Rules"—which "steal" from the winning formulas that sell everything from socks, cigarettes, even mattresses—to show nonprofit marketers how to appeal to their audiences' (not their own) values and so get people to take notice.

Q&A with Katya Andresen

Q: What inspired you to write the book—what core message do you want for nonprofit marketers to receive from reading it?

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