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Six Questions to Answer Before You Launch a Mobile SMS Campaign

by Robert Sanchez  |  
July 20, 2010

As more organizations begin to adopt mobile phones, many are looking for new ways to leverage mobile technology to improve the efficiency of marketing and customer-relationship-management communications.

It is important for organizations to understand the logical progression of leveraging short-message service (SMS) technology in enterprise environments and avoid the common misunderstandings in approaching the technology.

Working with organizations that specialize in developing managed SMS campaigns can streamline many of the steps involved in getting off the ground.

Below are some common questions and concerns companies have when considering SMS—and some simple answers to help them jump over the hurdles.

Short Codes vs. Long Codes

When approaching SMS-based messaging campaigns, it is important to start with the basics, such as differentiating between short and long codes.

A long code is just a way of referring to a regular 10-digit cell-phone number. Although many companies choose to use long codes, there are certain limitations with regard to message delivery to multiple numbers and carriers, billing management, and the capacity to send and receive messages.

Using long codes can be subject to multiple delays between SMS gateways and centers because the long codes are controlled by the carrier that assigns that specific phone number.

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Robert Sanchez is the CEO of Globaltel Media (, which provides enhanced two-way text dialog and electronic content solutions with the capability to reach mobile phones worldwide.

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  • by Peggy Carlaw Mon Oct 25, 2010 via web

    "... in the fast-paced world of mobile marketing only the most targeted and well-managed messaging campaigns that respect the end user have the ability to take your organization to the next level."

    You said it. Without the respect of the end user, mobile campaigns can easily go right down the drain - taking some brand equity with them.

    Great advice, and reference. A highly recommended read for anyone looking into SMS for business purposes.

  • by Ryan Pratt Fri Sep 23, 2011 via web

    Great advice!

    After reading this I am convinced SMS is the future

    "1/3 of U.S. adults would prefer you text them instead of call" --

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