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How to Track Clicks in Your Email-Newsletter Campaigns

by Andy Shore  |  
November 9, 2010

In this article, you'll learn how to...

  • Increase the success of your email campaigns
  • Keep your customers focused
  • Use a strong call to action

The success of your email-marketing campaigns cannot be determined without proper focus on what reports are telling you, and reporting on click-throughs is a critical way of determining how engaged your audience is.

Unfortunately, a lot of email marketers throw around words and phrases such as "Google Analytics," "tracking," and "metrics" without really knowing how to translate link reports into successful email-marketing campaigns.

Here are some tips on how you can use links and reports to boost your return on investment and customer interest.

Cut back on images

Simply stated, the more images you have in your email, the greater the chance that subscribers will leave your email to visit the Web version. And if subscribers go to the Web version, you can't track via email analytics where they clicked or where they went after they visited your website.

Keep your image count low to reduce the chance of subscribers' leaving your email.

Set up Web tracking

Understanding which links were clicked on in your email is a great start, but expanding that process to your website is even more important.

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Andy Shore is a marketing and social networking expert at Benchmark Email (, an email marketing service.

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  • by 3 Birds Marketing Wed Nov 10, 2010 via web

    Great advice on how to measure e-mail clicks! I personally enjoy how these tips keep both the consumer and the marketer in mind. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of the information that comes from email marketing and sometimes customers can get overwhelmed by the informaiton, links and images thrown at them from a newsletter. As a company that sends many email newsletters each month, there is a lot of data to sort through with clicks. I particularly enjoyed your tip on keeping the number of images low.


    Fabi, Interactive Marketing Intern @3birdsmarketing

  • by bird in a bud bottle Thu Nov 11, 2010 via web

    great article - hey 3 birds whats the deal with that you tube video of layton/kristen judd -why is her shirt falling off and did eat all the birds

  • by Georgia Christian Tue Nov 30, 2010 via web

    Thanks Andy. I found this article refreshing with its 'out the box' and beyond the norm points that are normally written about with click tracking. I particularly like the idea of 'teasing' readers with the a strong call to action.

  • by STL STAM Tue Dec 21, 2010 via web

    Good article, I would like to see a deeper dive on solutions/products that offer more link tracking through the initial site click-through. I have worked with Exact Target which has great views of where people clicked; but once within the site I had to rely on Google Analytics which does not allow me to see the full picture and any potential bottlenecking.

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