Company: Roku
Contact: Lomit Patel, senior director of direct marketing
Location: Saratoga, Calif.
Industry: Electronics
B2B/B2C: B2C
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: 110

Quick Read

Have you heard of Roku? You likely have if one of your friends or family members is a customer, because Roku offers its customers a free month of Netflix for each online purchase they refer.

Plenty of companies have referral programs, but how many can say theirs converts at about three times the rate of other online marketing campaigns and brings in over 500 new product sales each month? Read on to learn what Roku did to make its customer referral program a huge success.


Roku Inc. is the maker of streaming entertainment players that connect to consumers' televisions via wireless high-speed Internet to enable streaming of hundreds of thousands of movies, TV show episodes, sports shows, music, photos, and more. It does so via partnerships with Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Pandora, UFC, Facebook, Flickr, among others.

Roku customers are passionate about the company's products, and they aren't too shy to talk about them, either. The company often receives enthusiastic feedback via email, and customers chatter about its products on social media sites. But what surprised the company most was when it surveyed its base and found that roughly a quarter of its customers learned about the product via family and friends.

Clearly, word of mouth was playing a key role in Roku's success, and the company sought an effective way to amplify those activities.

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