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The Future of Marketing Is Crowdsourced

by Brandon Evans  |  
August 29, 2011

In this article, you'll learn...

  • The benefits and importance of crowdsourcing
  • Five keys to building a crowdsourced future

"Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003." Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google

There's no better stat than Eric Schmidt's to illustrate how radically the amount of information available to people has expanded. Just a decade ago, marketers were able to control much of the messaging that consumers viewed about their brands. The amount of messages consumers saw was also still relatively manageable, so reaching them solely via mass media remained a sound strategy. Today, the amount and speed of information and innovation are quickly rendering the formula marketers have used over the past few decades ineffective.

The future will not slow down. Information will not be reduced; it will continue to increase exponentially. Marketers, therefore, must innovate, test, and create significantly more than ever before. They will also need to rethink how they reach and engage consumers amid much more product messaging and noise.

The future presents marketers with two distinct options: Hire armies of employees and agencies to try to keep pace, or figure out ways to collaborate with consumers in a much deeper way throughout the marketing process.

For companies that wish to stay out of the red, the choice is obvious: They will need to partner more closely with consumers who can inform, ideate, and influence others on behalf of the brand.

Technology will continue to make it easier for consumers to create, collaborate, and communicate with brands, and consumers will become core to a brand's marketing success.

What a Crowdsourced Future Will Look Like

Many traditional definitions of crowdsourcing have limited it to mean soliciting a crowd for the best idea, creative execution, or product submission. Although those are great uses for crowdsourcing, a much more natural, ongoing, and pervasive use of it will ultimately become a key driving force for all brands.

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Brandon Evans is CEO of Crowdtap. Prior to founding Crowdtap in October 2009, Evans was chief strategy officer and managing partner of agency Mr Youth.

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  • by Matt Smith Mon Aug 29, 2011 via web

    Brandon, Great article. I think there is a B2B parallel to this as well. The skill sets and availability of the specialists who can launch and execute this new marketing model for B2B are in high demand and there are relatively few great ones out there. Crowdsourcing that experience however is a great way for those companies ready to commit to find them. The economics work differently from what you describe, but the model is pretty close.

  • by saku Fri Sep 2, 2011 via mobile

    grrrrrreat stuff thank you. I believe however that the main objective is to start scraping off the last borderlines from between marketing, production and pre-production. After that looking at the whole shebang as marketing or indeed business logics is probably fatal. If a crowd is sourced will it be willing to participate as marketing tools? No. They will settle for recognition as innovators or as spearhead connoisseurs but no money will buy them to act as conscious market maven.

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