As you may have heard, 13 human motivators, or "hot buttons," are ultimately responsible for driving sales.

Employ any of them in your marketing campaigns with a deft artistic touch, and you'll easily take your customers to the precipice—the point at which they'll face an all-important and consequential decision: To buy, or not to buy.

If you use more than one or (at the most) two hot-button motivators in a single marketing campaign, you'll likely lose the sale. Just as a sentence should contain only one thought, lest it confuse and distract the reader, a sales promotion should appeal to one dominant motivator at a time.

So, which one or two motivators will work best in a recession? First, let's identify the 13 motivators.

1. Fear

Fear of lost opportunities or the loss of a possession (not to mention... some people just love being scared—else why Stephen King and Final Destination 5?).

2. Greed

The coveting of more... more... and more (and it's still never enough)!

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Barry A. Densa is a freelance marketing and sales copywriter at Writing With Personality. For more, visit his blog Marketing Wit & Wisdom.