Company: Rickshaw Bagworks
Contact: Chris Schroeder, marketing communications manager
Location: San Francisco, Calif.
Industry: Accessories
B2B/B2C: B2C
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: 25

Quick Read

One can hardly deny that online testimonials are valuable, but those generally come after the sale. What if you could start that engine earlier by introducing a social component while customers are still excitedly anticipating the arrival of their new purchases?

Custom bag manufacturer Rickshaw Bagworks found a way—using a potent blend of Twitter and personalized landing pages—to notify customers, applaud them on their selections, introduce their friends to the brand, and encourage additional sales.

That approach may require an extra boost of creativity to work for some products and services, but it could be well worth the effort. Just wait until you get a load of the results from this campaign.


Rickshaw Bagworks is a San Francisco-based company that designs and manufactures made-to-order messenger bags with a focus on sustainable design, minimal-waste manufacturing, and eco-friendly materials.

Like the personalized nature of its products, the company strives to deliver unique buying experiences that help customers forge more intimate connections with its brand. Local customers, for example, can visit the company's facilities, meet the team, and select the fabrics that will be used to make their bags. Building these types of connections also supports word-of-mouth, so it made sense for the company to try to emulate that experience online.

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