Marketing automation companies are rolling out new features and new versions of their products and en masse. Each vendor has its distinct benefits and its target users, but all vendors are going in the same direction: offering what's important to customers today.

No matter which system you're using, you're probably hearing about some cool new tricks coming out. In some cases, you may already see those new tricks in your software updates.

So, what changes are on the horizon? Here are four cool ways marketing automation tools are evolving.

1. True Social Integration

Early versions of marketing automation software attempted to harness social. Now, they're really doing it; most platforms are bringing in social integration tools.

That means marketers will have the ability to...

  • Share content directly on social media sites via marketing automation software. Doing so is a natural extension of the content strategy. New features will also help reduce the amount of time it takes to share content via social media sites.
  • Gather information from social media. Marketing automation platforms will have the intelligence to mine relevant data on social sites and mash it up with your own data to help nurture leads in a well-defined way.
  • Message leads directly on social sites. For example, if you have prospects on LinkedIn and you manually nurture them in that environment, your marketing automation can now help you do that.

2. Complete Content Platforms

You have a lot of marketing assets that you're pushing out via your software. How you house that content—and manage it—is likely getting a little out of hand. You may have your videos on one platform, your whitepapers on another, your decks on yet another, and so on.

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