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Have you optimized your email marketing, search marketing, and local marketing efforts for mobile? How effective is the user experience of your website on a mobile device?

If you aren't tailoring your marketing for a mobile audience, you could be selling your marketing efforts short—and missing a huge opportunity to get results. Here are seven best-practices for reaping the most benefit from your mobile marketing efforts.

1. Simple beats pretty

As marketers, we want to make things pretty. For example, consider email marketing: Pretty usually means HTML. But that practice will often fall flat on mobile devices.

Because of limits and caps on mobile data plans, many users choose not to download images as a default setting or as a selection in each email. Graphics can often fail to load, leaving the recipient with an incomplete message or a hole in her email message.

Furthermore, graphics at the top of an email push the message down and out of sight, making it tough for people to get the point of your message (even if they can see your graphic).

Standards are still evolving in mobile email software. Therefore, consider sending simply styled emails, consisting mostly of text, to ensure you get your message across. That's especially the case for system messages, such as account activations, password-retrieval emails, alerts, or anything else people must see.

2. Be brief

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Igor Faletski is chief executive officer of Mobify, a Web platform that powers more than 20,000 e-commerce and publisher mobile sites.