More companies are using online video to boost their marketing outreach, and with good reason. Customers are now using video to educate themselves on products and services before they buy, and that extends across both the consumer and business-to-business markets.

One survey by Eccolo Media in 2011 found that buyers of technology products ranked video third behind only brochures/data sheets and whitepapers as the type of content they consume most frequently when evaluating a purchase. Video, in fact, got a higher response rate than case studies, which suggests just how valuable the medium has become.

The more companies pick up on the video marketing trend, the more information becomes available on which video tactics produce the best results and which technologies drive the greatest efficiencies.

Here are tech tips and tricks from five companies that are making online video work for them. By learning from the experiences of these first movers, the marketing industry as a whole can increase the effectiveness of its video use and improve online video marketing results.

1. Use search-within technology

According to search engine optimization (SEO) experts, a video is 50 times more likely to get a first-page Google ranking than a text page. There's more to search than SEO, however.

Using search-within technology, the Kansas City Chiefs let users search inside team videos based on their spoken contents. For recorded press conferences, that means football fans and team staff can skip to specific topics at will, reviewing and promoting statements made by players and coaches.

The Kansas City Chiefs use this feature to highlight key quotes and insights into team play, but the semantic search function has plenty of other applications as well. Marketers can use search-inside technology to promote individual products, engage audiences with interactive capabilities, and support sales recommendation engines.

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Edgardo Nazario is vice-president and general manager for Limelight Video Platform at Limelight Networks Inc., which provides tools for managing, publishing, and syndicating videos online and is part of a suite of Limelight's integrated cloud-based services that also include Web content management, website acceleration, mobile distribution, and content delivery.