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Four Keys to a Successful Mobile Web Marketing Strategy

by Anne Thomas  |  
August 13, 2012

Does your business have a mobile site that is designed with your mobile customer in mind? Is it a branded, usable, engaging experience?

If the answer is no, or if you're not sure, you are not alone. According to Google, four out of five websites are not optimized for mobile consumption, and the bounce rates of such sites are typically over 80%.

If your site isn't mobile friendly now, it's time to make it so. People love the mobile Web. Nearly three-quarters of smartphone owners access emails, and subsequently link to content, via their devices. And many of them like to shop using their smartphones, prompted by fellow users with whom they interact by phone while shopping.

Such mobile interactions push the user through to a website, and if that site isn't optimized for mobile, then the opportunity to engage with that consumer is lost. Consider that 50% of users abandon a page if it hasn't loaded within 10 seconds, and three out of five of those users never return.

You can't afford to lose that many potential customers. And marketers now realize the enormity of this new channel's potential for their business, but few have the knowledge of "how to mobilize." So, I am glad to share with you some key steps to implementing a successful mobile Web strategy.

1. Understand the mobile consumer

Do some market research on mobile consumers. What information are they looking for, what are their specific habits and interests, what do they want to find out or do, what triggers them to do so, and where and when are they doing it?

Understand that people always have their mobile on and to hand. That personal relationship with a mobile device is what makes the mobile Web so powerful. Mobile consumers are using their phones for instant interaction with brands. This is great for you because if they see your ad campaign in print or TV, they want instant engagement and will reach for their mobile phone.

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Anne Thomas is chief operating officer and cofounder at Wapple Ltd., a mobile Web agency offering mobile marketing, design, and consultation. Anne has been a mobile Web pioneer for the past decade and understands the mobile Web from all angles: consumers to devices, marketers to developers, small and midsize enterprises to big brands. Reach her via Twitter.

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  • by Rishi Mon Aug 13, 2012 via web

    Great article, but I would also like to emphasize the importance of KNOWING why your user needs to access your website through their mobile device. To do this successfully, you need to understand what are most of your users are doing WHEN they access your mobile website (are they shopping, commuting, working, etc.) and WHAT features they need to access at that exact moment. Design your mobile website accordingly and your client will love you for understanding their needs :) For more mobile cheat sheets including "10 Tips for Mobile Usability", check out or tips and tricks at

  • by Ann Mon Aug 13, 2012 via web

    Thank you for the timely information. We are in the midst of reviewing our clients and have this task as a high priority to review.
    When we look at the traffic sources we are seeing increasing mobile users.

    The comment from Rishi was good but was disappointed it was from a Corporation and in my opinion was not on topic.

  • by Chris Wed Oct 3, 2012 via web

    Great info. Mobile marketing is extremely powerful. Cell phone users are the largest audience on the planet, and you can make a lot more money with much less time and effort than many other forms of marketing. This makes it super effective with very high ROI's. I have a lot more helpful info about mobile marketing on my site

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