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By now you—marketer, brand manager, PR practitioner, executive—have figured out that in this new, content-driven, multichannel environment your brand is now, among other things, a content publisher.

You've also likely figured out how important and effective video as a medium can be for engaging consumers and bringing them into your sales funnel. And just when you had the whole YouTube video, Web surfing thing figured out, the ground beneath your marketing strategy shifted.

One trend is moving faster than most: Through apps or the mobile Web, on a phone or tablet, consumers are watching more and more video on mobile, and now you have some figuring out to do lest you get stuck in the last century.

With more than half of US consumers using smartphones, the time to plan your mobile content strategy is now. Here are seven steps to get started.

1. Optimize your website for mobile (and video)

This is a no-brainer, but still less than 10% of all Web sites are mobile-optimized and fully 45% of Fortune 500 Web sites are not mobile-optimized.

Making money on mobile video requires new thinking if you are a video publisher, but monetization won't happen without a mobile-optimized site first. In addition, having an HTML5 player isn't enough; video publishers need to ensure that their HTML5 player also supports full video analytics and monetization.

2. Build an app

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Frank Sinton is founder and CEO of Beachfront Media and MeFeedia.com, a video aggregation platform.

LinkedIn: Frank Sinton