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The Nitty-Gritty of Brand Story Power

by Catherine Sherlock  |  
May 20, 2013

There's been loads of talk about using stories for business communications—for good reason. Stories get people involved at a deeper level because they engage the senses and emotions and activate the brain. We learn more and remember better.

That's why stories are a great tool in content marketing. Still, understanding the power of stories is one thing; knowing how to craft them... is another. So let's delve into some practical applications of story; I'll use case studies, annual reports, and video as examples.

Case Studies: Story Power in Action

We learn vicariously through story. Brain research shows that reading a story about someone doing something activates the same areas of your brain as if you were engaged in those very pursuits.

That's powerful stuff that you can take advantage of via case studies. People can experience the value of your company's offerings by reading the experiences of satisfied customers. Readers feel the pain of the problem and the satisfaction of success. For prospective customers, a well-told story can reduce fear of taking action and increase trust in your value.

Stories are great for case studies also because they help to quantify indirect and intangible values. You can demonstrate specific and actual client results and outcomes.

Start With Your Objectives

Your first job is to think about what you want story to achieve. You're not just telling a story for the sake of telling a story—you're using it to achieve your objectives. Choosing good objectives is a combination of being clear on your company and specific project goals and knowing your audience.

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Catherine Sherlock (Sherlock Ink) is a communications professional and sustainability (CSR) strategist who revels in working with companies seeking to make the world a better place. Her specialties include storytelling, content marketing, and purpose-based consulting. Contact her for a complimentary consultation on your content or sustainability strategy.

LinkedIn: Catherine Sherlock

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  • by Quez Media Marketing Mon May 20, 2013 via web

    Case studies are a great way to produce content and learn about other brands. We often do case studies on major companies and their brand rhetoric. Our blog offers these case studies so you can see how these companies talk to their audience and relate to customers,

  • by Gracious store Tue May 21, 2013 via web

    Stories are very powerful means of communication because very often most readers can relate to the story. When people relate to stories they are most likely to take action

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