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All right, marketing pros, time to listen up. Although online video might not be the easiest marketing technique to take on, more businesses are carving out time and resources to ensure it's on their list.

According to a recent survey (registration required), 76% of respondents cited YouTube and video marketing as their top marketing expenditures in 2012. Only 1% said they plan to spend less on video marketing in 2013. Still not completely convinced? Don't worry, there's more.

More than 85% of Internet users watch online videos, according to data from September 2012. Of those internet users, 46% said, they could be more likely to click through for more information after watching videos about a product than without a video. That's a powerful sales statistic.

About 70% of B2B as well as B2C online marketers now use video, which, in the case of B2C, makes it the fourth most popular content marketing tactic (just behind social media other than blogs, articles on one's own website, and e-newsletters), and the sixth most popular among B2B marketers (behind the previously mentioned three, and right after case studies and blogs).

Moreover, 65% of B2C online marketers (and 61% of B2B online marketers) post videos on YouTube, which averages around four billion views a day, and viewers using mobile devices watch videos three times as long as those on laptops and desktops.

So, why is this marketing marvel so effective? Many video producers and marketers now use video because it can be simple and budget-friendly. In addition, YouTube videos often produce high rankings in Google, which boosts online presence and SEO and draws in prospective customers who are searching for exactly what your business has to offer. Moreover, videos have the opportunity to go viral and accumulate millions of views, generating advertising with no extra cost to your business.

As always, before you begin using any marketing tool, you should understand the best tactics for reaching your audiences. With these four tips, marketing pros will be able determine how to incorporate videos into their overall approach.

1. Keep the mobile viewer in mind

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Rocky Walls is a video communications strategist, speaker, and adviser, and CEO of video communications company 12 Stars Media.

Twitter: @RockyWalls or @12StarsMedia

LinkedIn: Rocky Walls