As a marketer, your every encounter with a smartphone-toting consumer should be considered an opportunity: Every mom who searches for product info in a grocery store, every kid who checks in at a concert venue, and every pet-lover who tweets a photo of his dog is a potential buyer to be reached via mobile.

They want to buy. You want to sell. But how do you make the connection happen?

Best-practices for mobile campaigns may be unclear to many, but the mobile opportunity is all around us. Here are five can't-miss steps to highly effective social-mobile campaigns.

1. Skip the app store, and reach them through the Web browser

Don't make your buyer download and install an app. Instead, deliver a rich user experience on a mobile-optimized site available through the smartphone's Web browser (for example, Safari on an iPhone or Chrome on a Droid device).

In the early days of mobile campaigns, a lot of marketers focused on developing native apps that had to be downloaded from the app store. That's OK if you're developing a high-utility lifestyle app, but not if you're running a marketing campaign.

Instead, deliver your message straight from the Web to remove a barrier to entry for your consumer. Plus, the Web gives you the flexibility to tweak messaging, update design, repurpose content, and test calls to action on the fly, without pushing an app update through the app store.

2. Engage consumers to turn those likes into action

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Andy Lombard is co-founder and CEO of SocialWhirled, the next generation of social business software. Contact him at

Twitter: @andylombard

LinkedIn: Andrew Lombard