A recent study projected that mobile devices will be responsible for 15% of all retail e-commerce in 2013. It also projected that mobile customers will spend a total of $24 billion in 2013 and $24.32 billion by 2016. Those are figures you can't afford to ignore.

A mobile marketing strategy is crucial to an online retailer's success these days, and here's how to get yours in shape.

Mobile Social Media Apps to Promote Your Local Business

When used correctly, mobile applications can have a significant and positive impact on user engagement, social interaction, and word-of-mouth marketing.


Instagram has grown in popularity as a photo-sharing app. The opportunity for a retailer with both an online and a brick-and-mortar presence is that users can take photos of your products in the store, and then share them with their followers online. In addition, an internet retailer may post their products and customer photos to an Instagram feed. For example, online shoe retailer Jildor Shoes has an Instagram feed linked to its Facebook page. Customers may then search for the hashtag #jildorshoes to view the feed and then click through to the website.


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Asi Erenberg is a co-founder, managing partner, and the marketing guru of ECommerce Partners, an e-commerce solution provider.