Everyone today understands mobile marketing's potential to produce business success. Mobile drives 20% of all e-commerce sales, and sales via mobile are projected to increase from $139 billion in 2012 to more than $400 billion in 2015.

One vital step toward capturing this potential is personalizing the mobile experience for customers. Mobile is personal, with every device feature, sound, and function customizable. Any marketer will acknowledge the demise of "spray and pray," replaced by data-focused segmentation and targeting. However, though 43% of companies deliver a personalized experience on desktop computers, only 13% do on mobile.

Fortunately, there are a few easy-to-implement tactics to personalize mobile for customers. Understanding each will help businesses monetize mobile more effectively.

1. Drive opt-ins

Perhaps this is obvious, but getting an opt-in opens up infinite possibilities for personalization. Be bold when encouraging customers to sign in on the mobile Web, submit their phone number to receive mobile alerts, or authorize push notifications when downloading apps. Consider Stuart Weitzman's homepage:

Whereas the page's top offers New Arrivals and Trends, a quick scroll reveals a gateway asking visitors to put on a nametag before entering. Moreover, on the desktop Web, Stuart Weitzman uses website-takeover popups for returning visitors, urging them to submit their email and/or mobile number to receive an optimal brand experience.

These practices demonstrate how companies can encourage consumer opt-ins without simultaneously alienating new visitors still in exploration mode. Overall, do not passively expect subscriptions to roll in. Think of mobile as if it were a real-life relationship. Be casual up front, but eventually you need to "have the talk" and actively drive signups.

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Kane Russell is vice-president of marketing at Waterfall Mobile. Its technology helps companies build mobile marketing campaigns that customers love.

LinkedIn: Kane Russell