Are you using local and mobile marketing to attract business locally?

As a former merchant, I realize that your plate is full... every day: payroll, inventory, scheduling, employee issues... the list goes on and on. Now, Small Business Saturday is around the corner, and some of you are asking, "Is it worth adding to my plate?"

Well, let's see...

First: Inform

Your small business is about "shopping local," and informing those around you is key to attracting new customers and maintaining existing ones. According to a survey by the National Federation of Independent Business and American Express, 47% of those aware of Small Business Saturday shopped at a small business on that day, and they spent a total of $5.5 billion.

Bottom line: Informing your local consumers is important to drive awareness, foot traffic, and sales for an event that celebrates small businesses.

Mobile provides a unique marketing opportunity to reach local consumers while they're out and about. We all know that they are interacting with these devices on the corner of the street, in the back of a cab, on a bus, or at the café. Having an opportunity to speak to them right then and there on Small Business Saturday is one of the advantages afforded by mobile marketing.

Tip: When thinking about your customers, think about how your voice can reach them via mobile. Here are some things you can do: Optimize your website for mobile, look at ways you can use mobile/SMS marketing, and consider advertising across mobile displays.

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Ryan Golden is a co-founder and the CEO of Moasis. Its Intelligent Location Engine for marketers and advertisers unifies the intersection of location data and instant, multi-screen, local delivery.

Twitter: @ryanmoasis

LinkedIn: Ryan Golden