To fill their pipelines with a steady stream of timely, relevant content that doesn't have to be created from scratch, a growing number of marketers are using content curation—the process of finding, organizing, annotating (contextualizing), and sharing digital content on a specific topic for a target market.

Compared with the creation of original content, curation can be a faster and easier way to generate content. But bad curation can damage your brand's credibility and potentially lead to copyright and legal issues.

Let's be clear: good curation is not piracy, and it's not unethical, because good content curation properly credits sources and adds something new to the conversation instead of ripping off other people's content.

Below are 10 tips to from our latest e-book to help you curate ethically. (Disclaimer: I cannot offer specific legal advice. These are simply guidelines. For more specific guidance on copyright law, you will want to consult an intellectual property lawyer.)

1. Read a variety of sources

Relying on one or two curation sources isn't merely boring for your readers, it also violates the spirit of good curation because it could well mean you're profiting off of the original creator's work.

To prevent this curation pitfall, make sure you're reading both the A-listers in your niche and the newer (but credible) upstarts. Also mix in a few other sources that may be only tangentially related to your topic, because you can always make a stronger connection to your subject by adding your insights and interpretation during curation. This approach offers readers more variety in the opinions and ideas you share, and it positions you as an in-the-know expert.

2. Credit the original source

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Pawan Deshpande is the founder and CEO of Curata, a leading provider of content marketing software. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, marketer, and technologist.

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