It is no secret that in 2014 consumers will be more dependent on smart applications than ever, and that the success of brands will depend on their ability to advertise effectively on mobile devices. Users are currently ahead of marketers in their omni-channel behavior: mobile usage has skyrocketed, but mobile advertising spend has not kept up with usage rates.

For brands there is a tremendous opportunity to engage with their targeted audience with not only mobile but also the latest technologies available to mobile, especially artificial intelligence (AI). Doing so would present new possibilities for you to create more complex and targeted digital campaigns.

In 2014 and beyond it is crucial for you to reach and entice potential customers cutting across all channels.

We are already hyper-aware that consumers are becoming increasingly discerning when choosing products or services. Mobile devices and digital mediums have nevertheless offered us the opportunity to engage and retain our customers.

The capabilities of mobile applications and cutting-edge platforms are continuing to expand beyond using simple rich-media ads to analyzing digital content and harnessing ambient data such as temperature, location, user movements, schedule, user habits and engagement. Accordingly, we are presented with the opportunity to create more advanced and targeted marketing campaigns.

I've outlined three key trends that you should make use of this year to make the most of the evolving marketing and advertising landscape—and ultimately take advantage of the opportunity to foster better brand awareness and growth by creating loyal customers.

1. Quantified Self Goes Social: Social Tracking and Personalized Advertising

As consumers, we've all certainly become aware of the trend of the quantified self: It's likely that we know someone who wears a Jawbone bracelet, tracks workouts with mobile apps such as Strava, or shares on Facebook the details of their daily activities from their Fitbits. It's no longer a trend merely for early adopters; it has caught on among the wider population.

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image of Martin Rugfelt

Martin Rugfelt is the CMO of Expertmaker and a mobile Internet entrepreneur focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Big Data business development. Martin also serves on the board of Experlytics AB, a life science data analytics and EDC/eCRF solutions provider.