Taking over the Marketing Smarts podcast from my predecessor, Matt Grant, in April 2013, was daunting at first. Matt's a very different interviewer than I am, and I knew I couldn't do the show the way he did. He encouraged me to make the podcast my own, however, and since then I've hosted more than 40 episodes. Along the way, I learned some lessons that other podcasters might find helpful.

1. An interview show isn't about the host, it's about the guests. Interjecting without having something truly worthwhile to add can disrupt the flow and cause the guest to lose her train of thought.

2. Choose guests your audience will love. We'd all like to have our friends on, but unless they're truly able to deliver content that will help your listeners, don't do it.

3. If, however, you know of people who aren't well known but have fantastic content that would help the audience, get them on and promote the heck out of them. This approach is win/win. Guests will appreciate your support, and listeners will appreciate being introduced to someone who's a helpful resource.

4. Be prepared, but don't read off a script. Conversations aren't scripted, and you want an interview to feel like a conversation.

5. People appreciate a little plucky comic relief now and then, but don't force a joke if it doesn't feel right. You'll know when it's time: It's like starting a slow clap.

6. Some people aren't funny, and that's fine. Let them be who they are.

7. Give guests a chance to promote what they're doing. I mention books and websites in the guest's introduction, but I've been surprised at how often they're working on something new that no one knows about yet. Let guests tell your audience what they've got going on!

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image of Kerry O'Shea Gorgone

Kerry O'Shea Gorgone is a lawyer, podcaster, speaker, and writer. As a learning designer, she helps develop MarketingProfs' premium training products. She co-hosts Punch Out With Katie and Kerry about people's hobbies, interests, and weird collections! Kerry also hosts MarketingProfs' weekly interview show Marketing Smarts. To contact her regarding podcasts, email podcasts@marketingprofs.com.

LinkedIn: Kerry O'Shea Gorgone

Twitter: @KerryGorgone