At this point, enough businesses have found success with content marketing for it to merit serious consideration for even the most cautious of businesses.

Good content marketing does require a considerable commitment in time and money. For small businesses with limited resources, that makes it a risky proposition.

Nonetheless, successful small businesses know that most things worth doing require some real work and risk. If you approach content marketing thoughtfully and strategically, you can find ways to get more for less out of the process.

There are a few steps you absolutely shouldn't skip if you want to find success with content marketing, but with some creative thinking along the way you can find ways to save money throughout the process.

Step 1: Decide on a budget

Before you can really decide what you can do, you have to decide what you're willing to commit. And that isn't just a matter of money: Make a budget that includes the time commitment you're willing to make as well.

Determine how much you can manage in-house, based on the time available to you and your employees, and the strengths of your team. If you have some great writers or artists in the bunch, you've already made a good start. Now you just have to be willing to move some responsibilities around so they have time to give to content development.

Money-saving tip: If you can afford to set a time budget for you and your current employees to devote to content marketing, you'll save on the costs of outsourcing or hiring someone new to help develop content.

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image of Kristen Hicks

Kristen Hicks is a copywriter and content marketer (Austin Copywriter) specializing in helping small businesses. She also blogs about small business content strategy and related topics.

Twitter: @atxcopywriter