As companies grapple with the challenges of producing high-quality content on a consistent basis, many are turning to outsourcing options, including freelancers or agencies, to meet their content needs.

Some 17% of companies are outsourcing content to agencies or freelancers, or both, according to a recent survey by Curata (where I work).

But who is faster and more agile—freelancers or agencies? And who makes more sense for your budget?

Below, freelancers and agencies go head to head in a five-round match.

1. Infrastructure

If you have a clear idea of what content you need and when, and you have the resources to manage that workflow, then you could likely assign individual pieces to freelancers and use internal resources to edit and publish that content. But if you need more of an end-to-end solution, including content planning and editorial calendars, an agency might be a better fit, as agencies can create that structure for you.

Whether you're hiring an agency or freelancers, it's a good idea to discuss workflow expectations in advance. Some agencies have robust content management systems that will integrate seamlessly with the tools you already use. Others, not so much. Similarly, some freelancers are tech-savvy enough to use your internal content management system, whereas others are still wedded to Word documents and may not be able to adapt to the programs you use.

2. Price/Cost

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image of Michael Gerard

Michael Gerard is the CMO at curation and content marketing solution Curata, where he is responsible for marketing strategy and related activities. He has over 25 years of marketing and sales experience.

LinkedIn: Michael Gerard

Twitter: @michaelgerard