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More and more, we are becoming a visual society. Social media posts that contain visuals outperform text-only posts, and visual aids make presentations much more effective—43% more in persuading audiences to take a course of action the presenter desires.

So harness this power of images in your social media strategy by using presentations you've already created.

Here's how it can be done.

Review It

Before you begin, take a careful look at the slides in your existing deck. You'll want to use the following slide types for your social campaign:

  1. Slides that need no explanation
  2. Quotes that stand alone
  3. Data or statistics that require little or no description
  4. Slides that display interesting (and relevant) content, photography, or imagery

Chances are, you'll be able to pull a few standalone slides from any presentation you've delivered.

A good example would be an inspiring quote from your CEO that you used to open up that quarterly earning report, or a chart that shows how much positive feedback you've been getting on social media, and so on.

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image of Scott Schwertly

Scott Schwertly is the author of How to Be a Presentation God and the CEO of Ethos3, a Nashville, TN-based presentation boutique providing professional presentation design and training for clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to Guy Kawasaki.

LinkedIn: Scott Schwertly

Twitter: @ethos3_scott