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Mixing Video With Email Marketing: Four Inspiring Examples and Three Quick Tips

by Emily Konouchi  |  
December 1, 2014

Video can be key to conversions and sales, a recent study confirms. For email marketers, using video should be a no-brainer, but the email-video combo still feels like a rare pairing. Only 25% of marketers surveyed last year reported that they used video in their marketing, and a quick look at my own inbox supports that statistic.

But the emails with video are the ones that I (and many others) find most memorable, so why aren't more marketers using them?

If you've been at this marketing thing for a while, you know that video and email were tough to combine: You had to find a place to host the video, and you had to create a custom thumbnail to include in your email. But with the accessibility of YouTube, the dawn of HTML5, and the rise of mobile email opens, all of that is changing.

It's now much easier for email marketers to show off their brand and provide a ton of value with video content.

Here are four ways to make video plus email a winning combination.

1. Teach your audience

Most of us are visual learners. That may be why Mario Batali incorporates video in email to teach subscribers different cooking techniques. It's simply more engaging and effective than a step-by-step list of instructions.

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Emily Konouchi is director of content and communications at Emma, an email marketing software and services provider that helps organizations of all sizes get more from their marketing. She is also the director Emma’s communal dishwasher-emptying efforts, but only when she has writer’s block.

Twitter: @emikonouchi

Google+: Emily Konouchi

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  • by M Kaspers Mon Dec 1, 2014 via web

    What about emails being blocked due to the video content. How can one ensure that all in your target group will receive the mail with video content?

  • by Andrew Angus Mon Dec 1, 2014 via web

    Great post Emily!

    We have produced 100s of videos for our clients and have helped them use their videos both on their landing pages but also in email. There are two things that have worked really well for our clients.

    1. Use Animated GIFs.

    We provide each of our clients with an animated GIF of their video. They can then use this in their email signatures and it helps get more people to engage with the video. The GIFs also work in blog posts and other email campaigns to help increase CTR.

    2. Personalize Video

    Our clients were using video in their email messages and have great success increasing CTR much like you mentioned in the post. We have built a platform to take this one step further. We can personalize video at scale much like merge tags do for email marketing.

    Here is a video personalized for you. It includes your name, LinkedIn photo, title and some names of your colleagues. We have had huge increases in engagement using personalized video! (And you can send these campaigns using EMMA :-)

    Your personalized video.

  • by John Foundas Sun Mar 1, 2015 via mobile

    Nice post. I run a video production company in the DC region. We advise our clients to multi-purpose their video projects. This is a terrific example of that. The power of video...

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