An email marketer should have one goal in mind: capturing readers' attention so they respond to the email's call to action. Many companies, however, instead send out massive amounts of impersonal, irrelevant emails that come across as spam and don't engage recipients.

All too often, marketers cast a wide net and simply hope their customers will bite. That approach is not only annoying but also time-consuming, expensive, and potentially harmful to the brand.

Personalization and relevance need to be at the core of every outbound message if it's to succeed in today's email-saturated world.

With that in mind, I've highlighted 10 tips for companies that want to improve customer engagement with their email marketing campaigns.

1. Have a mobile strategy that helps you collect email addresses

Dedicated mobile apps are a great email collection point. Mobile-first businesses such as Touch of Modern and One Kings Lane compel users to register using an email address or social login to access the app. That does two things: It increases your awareness of a new customer, and it gives you, the marketer, another channel to reach that customer.

2. Offer incentives

Let's face it, something for nothing is hardly reason to opt in to a newsletter. Provide incentive for opt-ins at the point of collection, whether by offering a unique discount or other clearly defined and tangible benefit; start the relationship off right and demonstrate your company's value from the very beginning.

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Len Shneyder is director of industry relations at Message Systems. He has 10+ years of experience in email and digital messaging.

Twitter: @LenShneyder

LinkedIn: Len Shneyder