Push messaging isn't just about getting your message out. It's about interacting with your mobile users in a personal way—on their most personal device—by not only reaching them quickly but also creating a meaningful interaction with your brand.

Ideally, your mobile app will do more with a push message than simply display an "FYI" or reminder.

Sending targeted, relevant messages is no longer a best practice; it's a basic level of engagement that consumers expect. Already, among US consumers, 18% (and rising) expect to engage with brands to get service and information both immediately and in context, according to Forrester Research.

What do I mean by context? It means helping a user instinctively know what you want them to do with their device in the shortest amount of time possible, thus reducing barriers to action. At Bluebridge, (where I work) we've found that the best mobile marketers do exactly that.

Here are five new ways that you may not have considered before for using push and inspiring action.

1. Ask a question

Try drawing users into the app with a question, like the way you might with a subject line of an email.

Piquing their curiosity is a powerful way to entice them into your app to check out details of an event they don't want to miss out on, new content you've launched, or a new feature of the app you're promoting.

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image of Mallory Lee

Mallory Lee is VP of marketing at mobile app solutions provider Bluebridge, where her focus is scalable growth and return on marketing investment.

Twitter: @MalloryRLee

LinkedIn: Mallory Lee