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Five Ways to Use Location-Based Marketing Right Now

by JD Nyland  |  
June 29, 2015

Location data is everywhere. It's embedded in the photos we share, the GPS-enabled apps we use, and the online transactions we make. And, today, users are more willing than ever to share location data with brands in exchange for more personalized content and tailored promotions.

That's really the idea and the promise of location-based marketing—using location data to boost engagement, offer more personalized experiences, and build loyalty with users.

For us marketers, understanding more about a user's location provides valuable insight into intent. If users are standing near a retail location, they may be expressing interest in your brand. The opportunity to engage users at such a critical time is what makes location-based marketing so exciting.

The technology is still new, but right now you have ways to experiment with and use location-based marketing to enhance your campaigns and boost ROI.

Here are five areas of location-based marketing that have plenty of room for experimentation.

1. More Meaningful Personalization

Personalization is critical for a mobile-first strategy. So what can you do to improve mobile personalization?

Start with effective user segmentation. Dig into the data and learn as much as you can about your users: their preferences, the content they're most engaged with, the offers that appeal most to them, and their favorite app features. Then, use such data to identify the content, promotions, and cadence at which you should be sharing via mobile.

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JD Nyland is director of product management for Adobe Analytics, a leading analytics platform for enterprises. He is responsible for the product strategy for Adobe Analytics, including mobile and video capabilities.

Linkedin: JD Nyland

Twitter: @jdnyland

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  • by Kip Meacham Mon Jun 29, 2015 via web

    It is clear we won't need to wait until 2054 (see Minority Report) to realize the promise of location-based marketing (with its pros and cons). Location-based services--in my humble opinion--are where the "brick and mortar" of brick and mortar businesses wield HUGE advantage over their web-based competitors.

    "Carpe Forum!"

  • by Dharne and Co Mon Jul 6, 2015 via web

    Thanks for sharing this article. With more usage of mobile devices location based marketing has become a must, providing relevant content to relevant users is important. This enhances more usability and help brands to target the right audience at the targeted location. Your article gives a nice insight into some interesting and important aspects of location based marketing, I would definitely recommend as a must read.

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