Are you tired of reaching less than 5% of your fans with your Facebook Page posts? If so, you need to find new ways to get your updates in your audience's News Feeds.

Here are some ways you can make sure fans don't miss your Facebook Page updates.

1. Tell your fans to get notifications

Just because people like your page does not mean they will actually see your updates. So, occasionally remind your fans that by choosing the "Get Notifications" option they can make sure they see your updates.

Even better than telling them how to do it, as George Takei does in that example, is to show them. You can use this screenshot, or capture one from your own Page:

This is one update you should boost with Facebook advertising to reach your fans. It could lead to a huge increase in organic reach for your Page.

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Tom Treanor is the global head of marketing at enterprise customer data platform Arm Treasure Data, where he drives strategy for the company's martech and data analytics tools.

Twitter: @RtMixMktg

LinkedIn: Tom Treanor