The holiday season is approaching quickly, so now is the perfect time to get your mobile marketing strategy in place.

E-commerce holiday spending topped $100 billion last year, according to the National Retail Federation, and seasonal online spending will continue to grow at double-digit rates, studies indicate.

That means more potential profits are on the table for companies that align their marketing strategies with evolving consumer preferences. And mobile is playing a larger role than ever in consumers' behavior, accounting for about half of all visits to retail sites, according to an IBM survey.

A mobile marketing strategy is no longer just "nice to have." In today's competitive global marketplace, it's a "must have."

So how do you make sure you maximize mobile sales for the upcoming holiday season? These tips can help.

1. Think mobile

According to the Pew Research Center, nearly two-thirds of Americans have smartphones, and for a growing number, their mobile device is the primary entry point to the Web. That's why it's crucial to optimize marketing promotions, such as email campaigns, for mobile devices.

It's also a good idea to check how the emails look across a variety of smartphones and tablets. An email that renders beautifully on an iPad might not display as well on an Android smartphone, and vice-versa.

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image of Jess Stephens

Jess Stephens is CMO of Smart Focus, an SaaS platform that helps brands to deliver contextualized and personalized messages to customers.

LinkedIn: Jess Stephens 

Twitter: @JessStephens