"Curation can bring a lot of value when it has the human touch." —Kimberley Castleberry

Why is there so much mystery surrounding content curation? And why are marketers still struggling to understand it? It could be that influential voices disagree regarding it. It could also be that there are too many uncertainties that leave you unclear about what you should be doing and how.

One thing is clear: Myths about curation still abound.

Curating content for your audience's consumption is not a feat to be taken lightly; after all, you have a purpose for putting that content together. So let's consider some common myths about content curation, along with tips and advice to help you correctly make use of it.

Myth 1. It's lazy and unoriginal

Some online influencers think content curation is a waste of time. But curation works pretty well when done correctly. If you do it right, you'll be helping your audience get the content it needs while helping you achieve your content marketing goals.

Tip: Identify what content you want to curate by ensuring it's something that really matters to your customers. Seek out only the best resources, and add value to that content by explaining why the content is important and why it matters to your audiences. They'll love you for serving up valuable content—and your original insights—that they need and can use.

Myth 2. It won't do much for your brand

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Tasia Gonsalves-Barriero is a B2B content writer and copywriter who helps businesses use content to engage their audience.

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