From Google's Mobilegeddon to Facebook's Hello, the tech giants have made one thing clear to brands: If you're not prioritizing mobile, you're falling behind.

Today, there are 2.8 billion Internet users; meanwhile, mobile phone users have reached 5.2 billion—an impressive 73% of the world's population.

As mobile becomes the default mode of communication, the big players, including Google and Facebook, are making it easier to connect directly and seamlessly on smaller, portable screens. This continuing shift poses a huge opportunity for marketers, but not for the reasons you might think.

Yes, responsive websites are important, but the real money is in connecting with—and converting—high-value customers... those who have already considered your product or service and are looking to make a purchase, or to get the last bit of information they need before making their decision.

In other words, the billion-dollar mobile opportunity lies in harnessing the power of inbound calls.

Inbound calls from mobile devices are growing at a rate of more than 42% a year and are expected to reach 162 billion in 2019, according to BIA/Kelsey. And those callers are some of your highest-intent, highest value prospects and customers, which means that optimizing your mobile marketing strategy means optimizing for the most valuable calls.

After analyzing 32 million calls run through Invoca's platform in 2014, we found that mobile marketing drives, on average, about 54% of calls to businesses. Many companies are using mobile to effectively reach their audience and drive high-value interactions. Others, however, are ignoring mobile and missing out on connecting with customers. If you're in the latter camp, it's time to get mobile right.

Here are six steps to get started.

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Eric Holmen is EVP of sales at Invoca, a leading provider of inbound call marketing automation solutions.

LinkedIn: Eric Holmen

Twitter: @eholmen