With 79% of Internet traffic expected to consist of video by 2018, there's little disputing that video has a bright future in marketing.

Video content is engaging and easy to consume, and it helps you connect to the people that matter most—your audience.

But how can you get the full benefits of video? Take a look at these six actionable ways you can implement video into your marketing strategy.

1. Produce an educational series

As we've learned more about effective content marketing, it's become evidently clear that educational content is the one of the most favored types for consumption. By including an educational video series in your marketing strategy, you can educate your audience in relation to their pain points.

For example, Moz regularly produce a feature it calls "Whiteboard Friday" to cover a variety of topics. helping to educate Moz's audience on good SEO practices.

Because of videos such as these, customers will learn from you and so follow your brand or actually make a purchase from you. And this approach can work for just about any industry. In Moz's case, the audience will learn a bunch of useful SEO tips, and some will likely to sign up to use Moz's software.

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image of Sarah Quinn

Sarah Quinn is a copywriter for content marketing agency Wyzowl, which creates animated explainer videos and other marketing content, including infographics, e-books, and blog posts.

Twitter: @MissSarahQ