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Today's email subscriber is thirsting for a value-packed and personalized experience. Companies that are creating such experiences are earning more Web traffic, signups, and referrals than the ones that still think a "batch and blast" mentality is the way to go.

And although there are many ways to measure and improve the ability of your email program to deliver the goods, generating clicks and Web traffic from your emails is a primary indicator of what's of value to your subscribers. It's a simple premise: If your content rocks, you build trust and get clicks.

If, however, your emails are so dry inside that they'd prick your subscribers' fingers if they were to tap on one of the links, you need to change something.

So how can you begin to optimize your newsletters and your lead nurturing, event, and other emails for more clicks? Start in any of the following four areas.

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1. Match your email design to the user experience

In many cases, email is the initial touchpoint for a campaign. It sets the expectation for the rest of the user experience once one of the links is clicked. And if the design of the campaign in the subsequent stages doesn't match the initial experience, you lose trust from that point on—and you lose conversions.

For example, if your email is mobile-optimized but the landing page or registration form would be best visited via laptop or desktop, then all the elegance and user experience brownie points you earned with your mobile-optimized email are flushed down the toilet.

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image of Stephan Hovnanian

Stephan Hovnanian is a content solutions architect at Bambu, an advocacy platform by Sprout Social. He has spent most of his professional career as an email marketer and business owner focused on helping companies build stronger relationships with their audiences.

Twitter: @stephanhov

LinkedIn: Stephan Hovnanian