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A war is raging for users in the mobile world. Right now, in the digital marketplaces for Apple and Android, users have a choice of 1.5 million and 1.6 million apps, respectively. With such app market saturation, staying relevant is a battle. Accordingly, app designers are continually trying to find new and innovative ways to keep users engaged, re-attract previous users, and market in-app content.

The solution, for a wealth of app businesses, is better mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is by no means "new," but it has been so refined in recent years that its toolsets and techniques are growing increasingly effective—and, more important, increasingly seamless.

Methods range from the personalization of app content to in-app messaging to user profile analysis. And, with modern technologies, mobile marketing feels less and less like marketing and more and more like ultra-personalized customer service.

Here are four actual examples of how real businesses are taking mobile marketing to the next level.

1. Kayak

Kayak and similar companies, provide a holistic push notification experience. From the moment you set a "price alert," they watch the flights you're interested in until the exact second that price plummets and then immediately inform you. If you follow through and book it, Kayak will inform you either that it's on time or that there's a delay. When you arrive, Kayak will send you a push notification with details about which carousel your luggage is on.

This kind of time-saving convenience creates loyal customers, and it is also uniquely mobile. By investing in mobile architecture ahead of the competition, Kayak has maximized its usefulness to users and established itself as a pioneer in this innovative market.

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Alp Mimaroglu is a Marketing Luminary at Symantec . He specializes in marketing automation, demand generation, and marketing technology. Alp has extensive experience in both business and consumer marketing.

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