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10 Tools, Tactics, and Tips to Create Facebook Video Ads That Drive Business

by Julia Jornsay-Silverberg  |  
February 18, 2016

Facebook's News Feed algorithm prioritizes video over other content types. As a result, video on Facebook (in the form of paid ads and status updates) is becoming an increasingly powerful tool that businesses can use to engage with their audiences and build brand awareness.

Before jumping in and spending precious dollars on Facebook video ads, however, you should familiarize yourself with the process of creating videos, planning a campaign, and carrying it out.

The following tools, tactics, and tips will help you get started.


Power Editor: Unlike Facebook's Ads Manager, Facebook's Power Editor (available only on Chrome) provides more options for creating copy for the headline and description of your advertisement. Through the Power Editor, you'll have more creative freedom because you will be provided with additional characters to use in your advertisement's copy. If it's used wisely, you can compose creative, compelling copy that grabs the attention of more people, increasing ad impressions.

Splice and Videohance: To create a killer video ad, you'll want to take advantage of the multitude of free tools available for video editing. Videohance and Splice are two free apps that you can use to create professional-looking videos. Splice, my favorite, helps you to customize the look and feel of your video. Add photos, music, transitions between clips, and background colors to create branded, engaging video that you know will resonate with your audience.


Have a goal: Before creating your advertisement, you want to get clear on exactly why you're crafting it. What do you want the advertisement to do? Do you want to expose your video to the largest-possible relevant audience? Do you want your video to lead to subscriptions for your email list? Do you want your video to drive traffic to a specific blog post? Focusing on your desired outcome is the only way to develop the tactics you'll use to achieve that goal and also to measure the effectiveness of your video ad once it is published.

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Julia Jornsay-Silverberg is a social media marketing consultant and coach with a passion for helping small businesses attract an audience, build their brand, and connect with customers.

LinkedIn: Julia Jornsay-Silverberg

Twitter: @jbethjs

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  • by Carolyn Thu Feb 18, 2016 via web

    These are great tips for creating revenue-driving video ads! I especially appreciate you sharing those free editing tools. One thing I would add is that the creative that you use also has a huge impact on your video's success. My company actually just released a guide with info on creative best practices for videos:

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