Video is a remarkably engaging medium. It enables you to share your stories visually and dynamically, and when you couple such a creative outlet with social platforms, you create opportunities to reach dramatically more potential customers than when using other media.

Why Video Advertising on Facebook?

It isn't difficult to understand why Facebook has been placing so much emphasis on video as a preferred medium.

Considering its 1.04 billion daily active users logging into Facebook and over 76% of those users discovering video content through their News Feeds, businesses that wanting to succeed in a digital age need to learn and keep up with the platform's video advertising options.

How They Work

Since Facebook seems to prefer video shared natively (uploaded directly onto the platform) rather than video (on YouTube, for example) that's merely linked to, so you should try to share videos natively on Facebook.

Videos that are shared natively on Facebook appear in users' News Feeds and blend seamlessly with other native updates. They begin playing immediately that they appear on the user's screen, although muted, and users can expand videos to watch them in full screen.

Videos shorter than 21 seconds had the highest completion rate, a Socialakers study found, so you need to be concise with your message.

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image of Shirley Pattison

Shirley Pattison is a marketing director at imonomy, a provider of in-image advertising solutions.

Twitter: @shiprojects

LinkedIn: Shirley Pattison