Anyone doing serious mobile app marketing knows that surveys can be useful for understanding app satisfaction, getting feedback on new functionality, trying to understand why a feature isn't being used, or simply collecting general feedback quickly.

Bottom line: no single survey fits all users, and timing is everything.

Here are the 10 questions that can benefit anyone planning to use or already using mobile app surveys.

1. Did you pick the right audience for the survey?

Carefully consider audience segmentation. Here are a few tips to determine the right audience that will generate the most valuable results:

  • For new features: Ask for feedback immediately after the user uses the feature for the first time. People tend to get used to very nonintuitive app flows, and you'll get a more genuine response right after they use the feature for the first time.
  • For app satisfaction: Go for an audience with at least a minimum number of app sessions—to ensure they are regular app users.
  • For dormant users: Don't present a survey to a dormant user who finally opens the app again; keeping friction to a minimum will give you a better chance of retention.
  • Don't bother requesting feedback from users who never answer surveys. Doing so will just annoy them.

2. Did you stay brief and to the point?

As much as you want elaborate feedback, avoid open-ended questions unless they are absolutely crucial. It's not easy to type an answer on mobile, and it may cause a lot of frustration—which can be translated into frustration at your app. Bottom line: if you're on mobile, keep it short.

3. Did you stick to the one-question-only rule?

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Keren Wexler is the director of product management at, the first codeless mobile engagement platform. Prior to that she was director of product at SundaySky.

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