Content marketing is becoming more integral to organizational success every day.

Fully 88% of B2B marketers report that their organizations are using content marketing, and 76% plan to create more content than they did last year, but only 30% consider their content marketing effective, according to the 2016 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report from MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Institute.

In short, content marketing is a high priority for many marketing organizations, but most are struggling with the strategies, processes, and technologies that help them succeed.

Content marketing—and the construction of a concerted strategy around it—is only going to get more advanced as 2016 progresses, leaving content strategy leaders with much room to grow and excel.

Here are the four things that content leaders should be most aware of regarding their content strategy this year and beyond.

1. Attributes Content Strategy Leaders Should Possess

The content strategy leader should be able to facilitate content alignment through centralized content assets and messaging, as well as ensure that those assets are widely available to the departments that need it (especially Sales).

Key characteristics or strengths necessary to succeed in a content strategy role:

  • Writing/detail-oriented: copywriting, editing, and content planning skills
  • Organized: able to manage multiple vendors, agencies, budgets, projects, and individuals
  • Analytical: strong data analysis and management skills
  • Leader: strong leadership, communication and presentation skills
  • Collaborative: able to coordinate and build consensus across the organization/departments
  • Flexible: comfortable being a change agent, managing multiple projects and interacting with multiple teams and executive levels

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image of Alyssa Drury

Alyssa Drury is the content marketing manager at Seismic, a leading content automation solution provider.

Twitter: @alyssadrury

Linkedin: Alyssa Drury