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Mobile Messaging: How to Message Your Way to a More Meaningful Connection

by Alon Waks  |  
July 28, 2016

We've all heard the misconception that communicating over text via mobile decreases the personal touch. But, quite to the contrary, it's actually an effective, engaging way to connect when you're in the palm of someone's hand.

Why? It allows for extreme personalization of the experience, and an unprecedented level of context so you never have to explain your predicament twice. And context is exactly what makes a human-to-human conversation so captivating.

Messaging is a powerful way to provide confidence and support, and to connect in a way that is trusted and familiar. According to Chris Messina of Uber, we'll all be interacting with brands over apps like Facebook M, WhatsApp, etc. by the end of the year—and it will be a totally normal thing.

This shift presents a massive opportunity for brands to nurture the kind of relationship we're all hoping for: truly differentiated, valuable, meaningful.

Mobile messaging has changed consumer expectations for good. Consumers want access to a live person, 24/7, and they don't want to wait on hold. In this era, brands that can find the right balance of human and tech will make a lasting impression. That means engaging with the right amount of personalization—and adding value at every touch point.

To survive and thrive, brands need more than the right tech; it takes a human-to-human connection. Read on for tips to develop more human connections for your brand through mobile messaging.

Four Tips to Humanize the Experience

Mobile consumers demand convenience and access to information. After all, consumers engaging on mobile are welcoming brands into the same space they share with friends and family. So, it's critical that brands add value—not just take up space.

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Alon Waks is global head of product marketing at LivePerson, where his organization drives all messaging, positioning, enablement, and product/market launches and program management.

Twitter: @AlonWaks

LinkedIn: Along Waks

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