In tech companies, getting people to grasp new ideas and new ways of doing things is especially critical to the sales process. That got me wondering whether I might be able to apply teaching—or learning—principles to the marketing videos we make for them.

So I set out to explore some of the best blogs and websites from some of the top e-learning experts.

What follows are tips and concepts, based on that exploration, that we now take into consideration to script and produce marketing videos.

Lightbulb Moments

The age of bite-size learning is upon us. In e-learning circles, there's buzz about "micro-videos," because people seem to learn best in short bursts—lightbulb moments—better than they do by continuous effort. Concentration is hard to maintain in a world with so many competing demands on attention.

I don't know how many "lightbulb moments" can be crammed into a short video, but it certainly makes sense to try to have at least one and to build the video around it. It might be something along the lines of "Look how easy it is to do X."

Regulatory compliance, for example, is generally seen as an important but uninspiring subject for a video. But if you can show how compliance processes speed up customer onboarding, for example (we did that in a video for a Canadian software company), light bulbs will go on.

Assume the "Why It Matters"; Go Straight to the "How To"

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Bruce McKenzie is a principal at 2-Minute Explainer and founding partner of Business Information Graphics. He is a B2B video expert who creates explainer videos that increase sales and shorten the selling cycle. He has created videos for IBM, Oracle, Compuware, BMC, TIBCO, and others.

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