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2016 was a big year for mobile marketing, but 2017 will be even bigger.

A few tech trends looming on the horizon are going to make an impact on the work of all mobile marketers—whether they know it or not.

Predictive analytics, chatbots, and intelligent marketing automation are going to dominate the coming year in mobile marketing, according to research from Leanplum (my company).

We'll discuss each in detail to explain how mobile marketers will be affected and what they can do to stay ahead.

Predictive Analytics

What Is It?

Predictive analytics is an emerging discipline that incorporates analytics with machine-learning technology. By collecting behavioral data from mobile app users, predictive analytics platforms can make educated guesses as to what a person might do next.

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image of Momchil Kyurkchiev

Momchil Kyurkchiev is the CEO and a co-founder of Leanplum, a venture-backed mobile-first marketing platform with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, and Bulgaria.

LinkedIn: Momchil Kyurkchiev

Twitter: @mkyurkchiev