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Company: Rhinofly
Contact: Frank Meeuwsen, Rhinofly brand director
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Industry: Internet (B2B)
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: 25

Quick read:

When Dutch Internet company Rhinofly needed new designers, project managers, and programmers, the company didn't want to use traditional job boards because in the past they hadn't been effective in attracting qualified candidates. To target the best tech-savvy job candidates, Rhinofly created a video capturing the essence of the company while creatively conveying the job descriptions. The video went viral, bringing in not only top job candidates but also widespread publicity.

The Challenge:

By early last year, Rhinofly was growing quickly and desperately needed new blood to continue. But the last time the company posted a job listing on traditional job boards, most of the resulting resumes were irrelevant to the posted job.

"We'd get tons of resumes and—worse than death—we'd have to answer them all," says Frank Meeuwsen, Rhinofly brand director, adding that 90% of resumes obtained in this manner were unsuitable.

Because he needed Flash designers and programmers, Meeuwsen wanted to target a technically savvy audience, a group that can be very difficult to reach.

The Campaign:

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