Company: Intellitactics, Inc.
Contact: Pam Casale, chief marketing officer
Location: Reston, VA
Industry: Software
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: 90

Quick Read

When Reston, VA-based Intellitactics, a provider of security incident and events management (SIEM) solutions, wanted to increase lead generation, it had to confront today's reality: Prior to contacting any vendor, prospects are relying on the Internet to research major purchases.

To work its way into that early-research stage, the company first focused on creating a library of vendor-neutral information, then used that content as bait to attract potential prospects.

It also used Manticore Technology's automation platform to track which recipients were interested in which content, and employed a scoring methodology to pinpoint precisely when those prospects would be prime for a sales call; only then was the lead given to Sales.

That combination of timing and insight has resulted in a 33% higher lead conversion rate and 38% increase in revenue year over year.


Intellitactics specializes in security incident and event management (SIEM) products that help companies achieve cost-effective regulatory compliance, mitigate risk by automating security operations, and accelerate incident resolution to ensure the availability of critical business services.

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