Contact: David Hauser, Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer; Siamak Taghaddos, Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer
Location: Needham, MA
Industry: Telecommunications, B2B
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: 45

Quick Read

Few entrepreneurs have made it big by playing it safe. It's practically the mantra of the breed: You take risks, you deal with surprises, you believe in yourself, and you become an inspiration to others when you succeed.

For a company dedicated to serving startups and small businesses, how better to generate awareness and customer connections than to create a campaign that effectively encapsulates those elements?

That idea became the inspiration behind's (formerly GotVMail Communications) rebranding campaign, which began in May of this year. It banked on unexpected deliveries of chocolate-covered grasshoppers and links to a barely branded video—a risky endeavor, indeed, but one that quickly paid off, generating more buzz in one month than the company had achieved during its entire six-year stint as GotVMail Communications.


GotVMail Communications was founded in 2003 as a virtual business-phone solution designed to help small businesses maintain the appearance of larger organizations.

Come 2009, company founders Siamak Taghaddos and David Hauser realized the need to rework their own company's image with a rebranding that would epitomize the company's advanced services and expound its dedication to entrepreneurs.

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