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Facebook users spend an average of 7.3 hours a week using the social site—roughly one-third of the amount they spend online—and while on Facebook, most are multitasking online, such as searching the Web or shopping and researching products, according to a survey from Morpace Inc.

Among surveyed Facebook users, the time spent on Facebook as a percentage of total online time varies by age and annual income:

  • Those age 18-34 spend an average of 22.4 hours a week online, of which 8.5 hours, or 38%, is spent on Facebook.
  • Those age 35-54 spend an average of 22.9 hours a week online, of which 7.5 hours, or 32.8%, is spent on Facebook.
  • Those with annual household incomes greater than $100,000 spend an average of 9.0 hours a week on Facebook, or roughly 39% of their total Internet time.

Below, other findings from the Morpace Omnibus Report on Facebook.

Demographic Differences

Unmarried Facebook users spend significantly more time on the Internet each week than married ones: 23.8 hours vs. 20.8 hours.

There is also variability by ethnicity: Asians spend 10.6 hours a week on Facebook, or 40% of their total Internet time, whereas African-Americans spend 7.8 hours a week on Facebook (35% of their Internet time).

Multitasking While on Facebook

While logged on to Facebook, 68% of users say they also check email, 55% say they simultaneously search the Web, 47% say they watch TV, and 24% shop and research products and services.

Other findings:

  • Unmarried consumers watch significantly more TV while on Facebook than married users: 54% vs. 40%.
  • 52% of African American consumers report watching TV while on Facebook—the highest percentage among all ethnic groups.
  • Only 5% of consumers report not multitasking while on Facebook.

About the data:  Findings are from Morpace's monthly Omnibus Report, based on a survey of 1,000 adult consumers who use Facebook, conducted via online panel in May 2010.  

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