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Active Social Media Users Are Brand Fans


Though most active users of social networking sites say they visit those sites primarily to stay connected with friends and family, many also want to engage with brands: 65% of such frequent social networking users say they are a fan of at least one brand on Facebook and 31% follow a brand on Twitter, according to a survey from Invoke Solutions.

Active social networkers—those who have at least one active social networking account and frequently engage in social media-related behavior—say they interact with brands via social networks in various ways:

  • 47% say they have posted a comment on a company's Facebook page.
  • 41% have read blogs.
  • 32% have posted a comment about a company or product on their own Facebook page.
  • 17% have sent brand-related tweets on Twitter.

Below, other findings from the report, Hyper Social Networking, which surveyed 314 active users of social networking sites.

Facebook Dominates

Facebook continues to dominate social media: 90% of surveyed social networkers say they have a Facebook account that they use actively.

In addition, 78% of social networkers mention the site when asked what they associate most with "social networking," whereas 31% mention Twitter.

Facebook has also become a key destination for brand information, especially for Twitter users: 62% of those who follow at least one brand on Twitter and 47% of those who are a fan of at least one brand on Facebook say they use Facebook as a source of brand information. Those figures compare with 38% of all social networkers who say the same about Facebook.

Still, most social networkers seek brand or product information via search engines (86%) and company websites (81%).

Interestingly, those who follow brands via Twitter are nearly twice as likely as other social networkers to use company blogs to find information (37% vs. 19%)—and fully one-quarter of such Twitter users say they have conducted a Twitter search (25%) or have added a company of interest to those they follow (28%).

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Twitter Gaining Influence

Roughly 35% of surveyed social networkers say they have a Twitter account that they actively use.

Some 31% of social networkers follow companies via Twitter—and such consumers are more likely than other social networkers to leverage the full spectrum of social media outlets to engage brands when they have a comment or complaint: 47% post comments on their Facebook page (vs. 37% of other social networkers), 68% post comments on companies' pages (vs. 65%), and 25% tweet and blog about brands (vs. 12%).

Rewarding Consumer Interaction

Consumers want to be rewarded for interacting with brands via social networks: 60% of Facebook fans cite coupons and discounts as the top reason they follow retailers on Facebook.

Some 16% become a Facebook fan to get early or exclusive brand information and 12% do so to view unbiased feedback about the retailer.

Other findings:

  • Consumers' trust in social network content is reasonably strong, even if companies are posting it: 41% of social networkers say they trust Facebook posts from brands "completely" or "somewhat."
  • The desire to use a mobile phone to access social media varies by age: 78% of social networkers age 50+ and roughly one-half of those age 35-49 say they don't use their cell phone for social media. Only 30% of those age 18-34 say the same.

About the data: Findings are from a survey of 314 adults age 18+ who have at least one active social networking account; it was conducted by Invoke Solutions, June 15-18, 2010.

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  • by Thad Martin, president, ONEsite Tue Aug 17, 2010 via web

    Interesting piece on the data from various social networking studies you aggregated for this piece on engaging brands. At ONEsite, we work with a wide variety of brands and online communities, and what drives engagement for each is unique to that specific brand, the company’s goals, the type of interactivity on the site and more. For most, engagement is defined by loyalty. While the various stats and studies out there are highly valuable as general guidelines, as an analytical tool they should be accompanied by each company's own social media evangelist, if you will, who can assess a brand's own unique community to determine what drives fans and what keeps them happy and returning for more.

    Thad Martin, president, ONEsite

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