Six in ten consumers (60%) say they follow at least one brand a social networking site and 40% say when they interact with brands via social media they do so primarily to find coupons and special promotionsaccording to a survey from Empathica.

Three in ten surveyed online adults (31.5%) say they follow brands via social media to find additional information about the brand. Fewer consumers do so to communicate with the brand:

  • 7.5% interact to leave a compliment.
  • 4.0% want to suggest improvements.
  • 3.0% interact to leave a complaint.

Meanwhile, women are more likely to hunt for coupons: 46.6% say when they interact with a brand via social media they're most often searching for coupons and promos, compared with 33.4% of men.

Younger consumers are even more interested in deals: 49.5% of those age 25-34 and 45.8% of those age 18-24 say they're most likely in search of coupons and promos when they interact with a brand via social media.

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