Google's Android operating system accounted for 40% of smartphone visits to Myxer's mobile entertainment-content site in December 2010, up from 12% a year earlier, toppling the once unshakable BlackBerry from its leadership position for the first time, according to a report by Myxer.

Among smartphone operating systems:

  • BlackBerry took the biggest hit in 2010, accounting for 38% of the smartphone operating system (OS) share, down from 67% one year earlier.
  • iPhone's share remained relatively constant, growing from 4% in December 2009 to 5% a year later.
  • Windows Mobile's OS share was nearly constant, from 11% in 2009, to 12% in 2010.
  • Symbian increased its share to 3% in 2010, up from 1% a year earlier, while Palm occupied the smallest percentage of market share (2%), down from 5% in 2009.

Below, other findings from Myxer's Boombox Report, 2010: Year in Review, which explores downloads of Myxer's mobile entertainment content.*

In December 2010, Android overtook BlackBerry as the leading smartphone in visits to Myxer's mobile platform, growing 243% over the previous year. Meanwhile, visits form BlackBerry handsets fell 23% in the same period, and iPhone traffic remained relatively flat.

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